‘Live It Experience It’ is a cluster of tourism businesses working together to promote Northern Ireland through water, air and land based activities, food and drink and great places to stay.

North Coast guide for dog walkers #liveitexperienceit Live It Experience It

Dog Walking Guide

On The North Coast

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Blackrock House B&B is this year's runner up and is commended in the NI Tourism Awards. Congratulations Nicola Neill. #liveitexperienceit

A 'Great Place To Stay'

Blackrock House B&B

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The Walls vary in width between 12 and 35 feet.are the most complete in Ireland and one of the finest examples in Europe of Walled Cities. The city claims Europe’s largest collection of cannon whose origins are known precisely. Many of them thundered in anger over the two seventeenth century sieges. In 2005 the surviving 24 cannon were restored, and under expert supervision and often by hand, craftsmen, cleared the barrels of centuries of rubbish, stripped off layers of paint and corrosion and bathed, sponged and waxed the cannon back to their former glory. The cannon are displayed throughout the City Walls with the impressive Roaring Meg located on the double bastion.

Our Walled City

Cornish Guardian Editor's 'Great Place To Stay'

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The Fermanagh Lakes are perfect for Wakeboarding, one of the most exciting forms of water sport.

Our Story

Cluster With Us

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The Mourne Mountains. #liveitexperienceit

Mournes win 'Best View'

Beautiful Co Down

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These ladies looked stunning at the Caledon Village Georgian Festival

Caledon Village Georgian Festival

A Step Back in Time

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Northern Ireland is a fantastic region where our food, our fun and our connection with our place means the world to us. Live It Experience It showcases Northern Ireland as a fantastic place to live, a cracking place to explore and a place you will leave with great stories to tell. Our cluster will help you have fun on your journey. Where will you go? #liveitexperienceit

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