Old ‘Holmer’ in for European Tree of the Year

February 16, 2017

A TREE in Northern Ireland, which has been nicknamed ‘The Holmer’, is in with a chance of winning the European Tree of the Year award in a voting competition which is seeing people from right across Europe vote for their favourite tree. (more…)

Plum and Ginger cider in Italy? Sì per favore

June 29, 2016

A FIFTH generation apple grower is taking the flavours of Armagh’s famous orchards to Europe following a major distribution deal announced today for his great tasting ciders including Plum and Ginger cider. (more…)

Vote for the Mournes in ‘Best View’ poll

December 21, 2015

Live It Experience It is urging people across Northern Ireland to vote for the Mourne Mountains range which has been shortlisted for The Countryman magazine’s ‘Best View’. Competing against other famous swells of countryside ranging from the Scottish Highlands, the Welsh mountains and valleys and stunning beaches, the Mournes range is the only Northern Ireland tourism location shortlisted. (more…)

Ancient skills in County Fermanagh

November 3, 2015

Tourism in County Fermanagh is in for a major boost as the Heritage Lottery Fund have announced a £3million grant which will be used to train local people in centuries old ancient skills such as thatching, boat-building and storytelling. Eleanor McGillie from Live It Experience It reports.


Official visitor numbers rise for tourism Northern Ireland

October 30, 2015

LIVE It Experience It has welcomed the latest official figures released by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency which shows visitor numbers for 2015 are on the rise compared to those in 2014.


Cycle Sperrins initiative leads the way

October 15, 2015

THE chairman of Tourism NI said keeping tourism in the sights of the international traveller remains a key challenge but said cluster collaborations like Cycle Sperrins is key to supporting the region’s global agenda.


Mythic cycling tours in soulful Sperrins

October 8, 2015

A CLUSTER of tourism businesses based in the Sperrin Mountains are collaborating to launch Cycle Sperrins next week – a tourism led initiative to attract touring cyclists from across the globe.