A Dish From Dean – Beetroot and Pine Nut Risotto

November 18, 2018

THIS week is set to get much colder so why not make a dish which will keep you warm and boost your immune system. A Dish From Dean this week is full of ingredients which will do you the world of good so why not try out this warming Beetroot and Pine Nut Risotto by Chef Dean Coppard


A Dish From Dean – Seafood Chowder

November 11, 2018

You just can’t beat a hearty seafood chowder at this time of year so for this week’s A Dish From Dean we bring you a very simple recipe to try out. When you go to food and drink fairs around  you’re bound to be greeted with someone serving up a delicious bowl. 


‘A Dish From Dean’ – Show us some mussel!

November 4, 2018

A Dish From Dean is a very simple one this week and is especially great when you are staying by the coast and can actually go out with the family and gather your own mussels. Steamed Mussels With White Cream Sauce is simply delicious and very simple. 


‘A Dish From Dean’ – A real winter warmer!

October 27, 2018

‘A Dish From Dean’ is a Sunday lunch dish which would warm the cockles of your heart. How about this Braised Beef, Creamed Polenta, Roasted Autumn Vegetables with Roasting Gravy. (more…)

‘A Dish From Dean’ – A delicious souffle!

October 21, 2018

Last week Aussie Chef Dean Coppard celebrated his birthday. We’ll not divulge which one but a dish which puts a smile on his face is this Twice Baked Cheese Souffle.  So, have a go and let’s see does it put a smile on your face too.


‘A Dish From Dean’ – Cod cheek, Chorizo and buttered Samphire

October 14, 2018

In this week’s ‘A Dish From Dean’ Australian chef Dean Coppard shares with us this simple and easy to prepare take on a fish supper. So, enjoy this Cod Cheek, Chorizo and Buttered Samphire.  (more…)

‘A Dish From Dean’ – Crème Brulee with seasonal berry compote, shortbread biscuit

October 7, 2018

Well, well well. Crème Brulee. That’s Sunday dessert sorted. This is a real easy recipe in this week’s ‘A Dish From Dean’. Australian Chef Dean Coppard shares a selection of his easy recipes with us every Sunday.


‘A Dish From Dean’ – Wild Mushroom & Thyme Arancini with Pesto Mayo

September 30, 2018

This week’s ‘A Dish From Dean’ is a real autumnal treat – Wild Mushroom and Thyme Arancini with Pesto Mayo. Please feel free to share with your friends. This is a lovely dish and you can flavour these Arancini or rice balls with anything, even leftover ham and peas. Enjoy our recipes from Live It Experience It.


‘A Dish From Dean’ – Game Pie

September 23, 2018

As the mornings get darker and the temperatures are dropping it’s time to get some seasonal food on the table. In this week’s ‘A Dish From Dean’ we are bringing you Game Pie and Wild Mushrooms with Pickled Autumn Vegetables and Crispy Pastry Tartlet.


A ‘Dish From Dean’ – A Taste of Armagh

September 16, 2018

The Orchard County, the Food Heartland or whatever you fondly refer to County Armagh as – this county is unique and apples are at the core of this wonderful place. The Live It Experience It feature –  ‘A Dish From Dean’ – this week celebrates everything this food heartland has to offer in terms of taste, textures and colours.