A Dish From Dean – Perfect for Christmas

By ELEANOR MCGILLIE 16 December, 2018

A Dish From Dean is a weekly feature published by Live It Experience It where Chef Dean Coppard shares recipes for you to try. This week it’s Lamp Rump, Smoked Buttered Mash, Grilled Asparagus, Honey and Thyme Glazed Carrots, Red Wine and Rosemary Sauce burnt on Onion Puree.

If you are anything like me around this time of year I scour the recipe books for something a little different and then Dean Coppard landed this absolute beauty – Lamp Rump, Smoked Buttered Mash, Grilled Asparagus, Honey and Thyme Glazed Carrots, Red Wine and Rosemary Sauce burnt on Onion Puree.

The idea behind this dish is that if you are like Dean and have seen your fill of turkey then this could be a lovely dish for Christmas day. In fact I think this will be what I’m having as I love the flavor that the lamb rump offers and a little teasers of what Dean Coppard does to make the humble Christmas pud a show stopper of the Christmas day feast then make sure and look out for next week’s dish.

Here’s what you need and how to cook this tantalizing dish.

Serves 4 people

4 x rumps of lamb, trimmed of excess fat

200g of butter

Rosemary, thyme and four smashed garlic bulbs

For the mash

200g of peeled potatoes

100g of smoked Abernethy Butter

100ml of milk

Salt and pepper

A Dish From Dean - Lamb Rump

For the asparagus

3 x spears per person

100g of butter


For the carrots

6 x large carrots, cut into baton shapes

4 x tablespoons of honey

4 x sprigs of thyme


For the Sauce

200ml of red wine

200ml of stock

4 sprigs of rosemary


For the onion puree

2 x roughly chopped white onions

100g of butter

100ml of oil

A Dish From Dean is by Australian Chef and Mentor Dean Coppard


Place the peeled potatoes in a heavy bottom saucepan and cover with water and boil until soft, strain water and mash adding the smoked butter and seasoning.

Boil the carrots and the asparagus until almost soft strain and run cold water over them or refresh in iced water.

Place the Lamb rump fat side down for 3 minutes in a non stick frying pan until a golden brown, add the oil and the butter along with the rosemary, thyme and garlic. Using a large spoon baste, or cover the rump with the herb flavoured butter. Place in a pre-heated oven at 180c for 12 minutes.

For the sauce, place the red wine and stock in a saucepan with the rosemary and reduced by half it should thicken or become syrupy in texture.

Place the onions in a pan and the butter and oil, and stir until brown in colour, place in a food processor once soft and blend until smooth, add a little cream if needed.


To Assemble

Place the mash in the middle of the plate, toss the carrots in the honey and thyme and grill the asparagus add to the plate, cut the rump in half and place on the mash, dot the puree around the plate and spoon over the sauce.



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