‘Time Out’ with Gladys Smyth OBE of Largy Coastal Apartments

By LAURA IRWIN 6 December, 2017

‘Time Out’ features Gladys Smyth OBE, owner of Largy Coastal Apartments in Carnlough, Co Antrim. Find out what inspired this former Director of Nursing to turn her attention to the tourism sector.

Largy Coastal Apartments are located in the fishing village of Carnlough, on the Antrim Coast in Glencloy Glen – the second of The Nine Glens of Antrim.  Visitors who come to stay are treated to magnificent sea views over the North Channel to Scotland in every apartment and are situated in ideal location for water sports, sea angling and hill walking.

Gladys and Harold Smyth, of Largy Coastal Apartments - a Live It Experience It member

You and your husband Harold started Largy Coastal Apartments when you both retired. What did you both work as beforehand?

I was a Director of Nursing in one of the NHS Trust and thereafter a Nurse Advisor in the Department of Health and Social Services. Harold had a small engineering workshop. We also had property lets in Belfast.

Did you and Harold always see yourselves running your own holiday apartments?

No. Not at all.

What’s it like running a business with your husband?

We have always worked well together as a team when we were renovating and running our property lets in Belfast.

What do you love so much about Carnlough?

Carnlough is a small fishing village with a safe beach and has good community relations. We love the whole of the Causeway Coast and Glens in particular the sea views and landscape. Harold was a member of the local rowing club and our family enjoyed walking on the Antrim plateau and fishing on the lakes above Carnlough.

What country are your visitors mostly from?

Our visitors are from worldwide but mainly Great Britain and the whole of Ireland.

Why do they come to stay at the Largy Coastal Apartments?

We have Five Star luxury accommodation and a view to die for. We provide a warm and personal welcome to all our guests.  Largy Coastal Apartments are in a central location to all the main attractions yet enjoy a private and peaceful setting. The views are fantastic.

What do they like to do most in Carnlough?

Our visitors enjoy the local restaurants, bars with entertainment, boat trips and fishing. They also love to walk to the Cranny falls and all parts of the Ulster Way.

 If there was one thing to do in Co Antrim what would it be?

Tour the stunning Causeway Coastal Route taking in the various famous landmarks: Giants Causeway, Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Game of Thrones sites and the Gobbins Victorian Cliff path. There are plenty of guided tours to go on. Visitors will find information on Dalriada Kingdom Tours and Nine Glens Walking Tours HERE

Carnlough is a fishing village – so do you and Harold have any favourite restaurants for some local seafood?

We would normally eat in the Londonderry Hotel Bar and Restaurant.

Largy Coastal Apartments began back in 2002. What do you think was the biggest challenge for a business entering the digital age?

Getting to grips with social media for marketing our business. You will find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and also we get a lot of support through Live It Experience It.

Do you believe you can ever stop learning?


Have you had a good year?

We have had a great year thankfully and we are now taking bookings for the New Year.

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