‘A Dish From Dean’ – Delicious!

By ELEANOR MCGILLIE 9 September, 2018

LIVE It Experience It member chef Dean Coppard is a chef who cooks with soul. He opened up our region’s first Australian restaurant in Armagh, Uluru Bistro, and has since been working as an executive chef and development chef in kitchens across the North. Here’s the latest ‘Dish From Dean’ – Spiced pork pot stickers with Asian slaw & Burren Balsamic vinaigrette so feel free to share with your friends.

This Sunday, Dean is sharing his spiced pork pot stickers with Asian slaw and Burren Balsamics vinaigrette. It is important for Dean to source the best ingredients possible. Burren Balsamic is a local producer in the Food Heartland area so it makes it even more poignant for Dean to use the artisan producer. The team at Burren Balsamics are constantly developing their range and with the inclusion of a citrus, blood orange and cardamom, truffle and a seasonal wild garlic, recently added to their outstanding range, Dean finds their diversity in flavors fantastic while they continue to maintain their high standard of taste lending itself to Dean’s style of cooking.

We have tried this before and it is absolutely delicious. Get a taste of Northern Ireland with this delicious plate.

Pot sticker - A Dish From Dean - Live It Experience It


300g of minced pork

50 of diced white onion

2 X sliced red table chilli

3 sprigs of chopped corner

2 tsp of chopped ginger

2 tsp of  soy sauce

1 packet of dumpling paper

For the vinaigrette:

2 tsp of soy sauce

2 tsp of oyster sauce

2 tsp of burren citrus vinegar

Juice from half a lime

For the Asian slaw:

2 X pak choi

1 x sliced red onion

1 x sliced red pepper

1 tsp of pickled ginger

1 x tsp of sesame oil

1 x tsp of  soy sauce

Chef Dean Coppard - a Live It Experience It member


To make the sauce:

To assemble:

Steam the dumplings until the paper is soft and become almost opaque, whilst these are steaming toss the slaw in a wok and remove after 3mins, place the slaw in the bowl, remove the dumplings and toss in the sauce so it coats the dumplings and set on top of the slaw.


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