Escape to Crom Estate in the Fermanagh Lakeland county


Ancient ruins, vast swathes of countryside, lakes and a great big bun at the end of a very long walk. Live It Experience It recommends you venture to Crom Estate in County Fermanagh and find out what makes this estate so special. Eleanor McGillie heads to the lakeland county

What’s special about the Vauxhall International NW200 is the fact that people travelling to Northern Ireland have time on their hands so it’s important we make sure our visitors have the best experience possible. So how about a road trip to County Fermanagh.

Jump on your bike and go to County Fermanagh to Crom Estate during your visit to the NW200

The Fermanagh Lakelands are a must visit. The landscapes are truly stunning, there are copious amounts of experiences, top class water activities and land activities as well as craft and legends to explore.

What is also so special about this amazing county is its National Trust properties.

I have a long standing passion for all things National Trust and I used to work at The Argory for years throughout my latter teenage years and into my early 20s. I spent my childhood running around expansive lawns, hiding behind what I thought were the biggest trees ever and generally building up a bank of childhood memories which have yet to leave me.

Now I am a mum and I plan to provide similar long lasting memories for my son.

One property which we adore is the fabulous Crom Estate in Fermanagh.

Crom Castle at Crom Estate County Fermanagh

I love Fermanagh. It’s a beautiful part of Northern Ireland and the beauty of the Crom Estate is something else. It’s an estate steeped in history with a castle which has an almighty presence on a hill with the backdrop of Upper Lough Erne which surrounds the estate in an air of peacefulness.

This is a fabulous day out – for everyone. This is true escapism. There were quite a few people visiting Crom on the same day but, because of the sheer size of the estate, it was a case of sporadically bumping into people along the walkways.

It’s peaceful, silent and very beautiful. And if you have never been before you will think you’re in heaven.

Crom Estate in Fermanagh - Live It. Experience It.-tourism northern ireland

There are great facilities at Crom Estate –  holiday cottages, a BBQs are with the aroma filling the air from the campsite, children were making full use of the play facilities, couples were taking in the views from their bicycle seats, people were kayaking in Lough Erne close to the shores while others, like ourselves, just wandered around admiring the vastness of the estate and spotting the brightly coloured dragon flies as we strolled along.

Crom Estate is not a visit to rush. There’s so much beauty to see. There’s so much nature surrounding you. There is so much time to lounge around admiring the beautiful ruins, the boat house, the holiday cottages and the varied animal and plant species that thrive on the estate.

Castle Crom Estate in Fermanagh is surrounded by people boating and kayaking on the lakes

And after a very long walk – there’s a spacious tearoom with all the treats you need after a fabulous day out in the fresh air.

Would I recommend you visit Crom Estate?


There’s something for everyone. So, if you fancy a road trip during your visit to Northern Ireland in May, Crom would be on my list if I were you.

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castle crom estate in Fermanagh


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