Tyre flipping, ball slamming and rope battles – ready for Farm Fit Camp?


IT’S that time of year when everyone is looking to get outdoors, get fit and do something a little bit different. Well, a farmer’s daughter from Co Tyrone has created something a little bit different to help you do just that.

Rebecca Irwin, from Eglish, is a qualified fitness trainer who loves to combine farm life with getting people fit, so, this Sunday sees the start of a brand new Farm Fit Camp which will see people travelling to a field to flip tractor tyres, take part in rope battles, do ball slams and enjoy group challenges.

The farm, which is based at Oona Bridge, just outside Eglish, is owned by the Irwin family who have been farming the land since 1807. But for the first time ever, the farm will see something different happening on the land.

Rebecca Irwin of Go Fitness - taking training outdoor. Go Fitness is a Live It Experience It member

Hail, rain or shine, this fitness trainer will be putting people through a fun filled exercise regime, every Sunday morning for the next four weeks.

Speaking ahead of Sunday’s Farm Fit Camp, Rebecca, 27, said: “It’s so much fun being on a farm and it’s so much fun exercising so I thought I would combine the two and bring people to a field at the back of our farm where we can all do exercise together, and, depending on the weather, possibly get mucked up to the eyeballs.

“Go Fitness NI, which is a member of Live It Experience It, has been running for three years now and people love being outdoors so being based on a farm is just perfect.

Taking fitness out to the great outdoors. with Go Fitness - a Live It Experience It member

“I personally have used farm equipment and used our fields to get fit. And with Balmoral Show on this week, I thought it would be a perfect time to launch a brand new Farm Fit Camp so the more the merrier. It will be great fun and people will love it.

“Anyone wishing to come along and take part will take in the smell of the Tyrone country air, get fit, meet new people and do a fitness regime which is unique here in Northern Ireland. Men and women of all ages and all fitness levels can come and enjoy this.”

Rebecca Irwin of Go Fitness. Rebecca takes training into the great outdoors.

Rebecca is the sixth generation on the farm and is always looking at ways to diversify.

Having spoken to her dad Johnston about eating healthily they have also installed an egg vending machine.

She added: “I am always eating eggs as part of a healthy and balanced diet, so, having hens on the farm, I suggested to my dad that we get an egg vending machine. It’s fantastic because people can come to the farm and get their eggs which are laid every day. So, this is one place where you’ll not have to settle for an egg or two less.

“Come along and give it a go and experience the great outdoors – just in a slightly different way than normal.”

The first of the four Farm Fit Camps starts this Sunday at 8.30am.

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