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Tyre flipping, ball slamming and rope battles might not be your typical farm activities but for me they are just a part of an average day on my family farm. Live It Experience It member, Rebecca Irwin of Go Fitness writes about the experiences of Fit Farm Camp. 

My name is Rebecca Irwin. I am 27 years old and I am from Eglish in Co Tyrone. I am a qualified personal trainer and owner of Go Fitness NI who loves to combine farm life with getting people fit.

It’s so much fun being on a farm and it’s so much fun exercising so I thought I would combine the two and bring people to a field at the back of our farm where we can all do exercise together.

Being the sixth generation of the Irwin farm at Eglish we are always thinking of ways of diversifying.  I wanted to see something different happening on the land so I created a style of training out in the countryside in a field away from the average person’s busy lifestyle. I personally have used farm equipment and used our fields to get fit so I have brought in everyday farm equipment to adapt into fun exercises.

Two weeks ago we launched the Fit Farm Camp and we were very lucky to wake up to a rain free morning. I had gotten up early to help dad lift the eggs laid by our 14,000 free range chickens and prepared the field for our participants so we were ready to go at 8.30am.

Fit Farm Camp - Tyre flipping on a fam in County Tyrone with Live It Experience It member Go Fitness NI

As a member of Live It Experience It we were able to let lots of people know through the media that the Fit Farm Camp was being launched. We want people to ‘Live It Experience It’ on our farm and for them to know that it’s not just for local people – it’s a thing to do for any tourists staying in Northern Ireland who want to do that little something different.

The same question that kept reoccurring was ‘I don’t think I will be fit enough’. However, I reassured each participate so they didn’t feel out of their depth or felt the class was unachievable. I adapted all exercises and was able to give two or three alternatives for each exercise. Therefore, depending the individual’s ability you would choose the level which was best suited to you.

After the warm up everyone was partnered off and we completed a round of circuits which included ball slams, battle ropes, tyre flips and kettle bell swings. We then had a fun wheelbarrow race and this helped to get everyone to interact and to relax. This definitely wasn’t your normal wheelbarrow race as it involved myself being pushed in a wheelbarrow while the opponent pushes a wheelbarrow full off kettle bells. If anything it gave everyone a laugh and team work was required to complete this challenge.

Farm Fit Camp Northern Ireland - Wheelbarrow races in Eglish at the Go Fitness NI fit Farm Camp

Before going home the participants stopped off at our egg vending machine to get eggs which are laid daily by our chickens and they went to home to scrambled egg which is perfect for having a balanced and healthy diet.

Lesley Ann Wright who attended Sundays camp said: “I went to my first farm fit class on Sunday morning and what a fantastic experience. Being out in the great country air was so refreshing and I felt a great sense of accomplishment. Never did I think I would actually enjoy exercise so much but Rebecca’s supportive nature, and, trying something new, was utterly brilliant.”

You can still join in come along and give it a go and experience the great outdoors- just in a slightly different way than normal. The third of four fit farm camps Sunday, June 3 at 8.30am.

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