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By CLAIRE SAVAGE 10 February, 2017

Live It Experience It is delighted to have contributing bloggers on board with us who want to share their experiences of Northern Ireland. We are always out and about get out and we want to tell you our stories. We would like to introduce you to journalist, Claire Savage, who has been living on the north coast for 19 years.


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Having grown up in the countryside just outside Magherafelt, and living now on the North Coast for the past 19 years, I’ve always been inspired by and taken great pleasure in my surroundings. As a child, I was constantly exploring the fields and lanes around my home with my brothers and sister, making up stories and having adventures, as well as wildlife-spotting.

At the time, it was our collection of cats that followed us on these excursions, but now I enjoy trekking around the coast with my cocker spaniel, who shares my love of beaches.

Live It Experience It journalist and blogger, Claire Savage, at the Dark Hedges - a popular Game of Thrones filming location. MGMPR-01

I’ve always taken a keen interest in the landscape around me, campaigning to protect Ballynahone Bog near Maghera and taking part in active conservation over the years. My love of wildlife – and particularly of owls –also led me to volunteer at places such as The World of Owls in Randalstown.

While I like to nip in and out of the city and appreciate the urban landscape and what it offers, I’m definitely most passionate about where I live now. Indeed, the rugged landscape of the North Coast has filtered into my writing in many ways – as a journalist, yes, but also, in my short stories, poetry and children’s adventure novel.

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Whether it’s appreciating the scenery from one of the ‘coffee shops with a view’, or walking along the cliffs and beaches with my dog, I’m always out enjoying what the coastline has to offer. My wildlife-spotting also remains an active pursuit, and I’ve been lucky enough to spot seals, dolphin pods and porpoises on various occasions while out walking. And … while I’ve yet to catch a glimpse of the enigmatic basking shark, you never know what will happen when you’re out and about on the coast.

Live It Experience It journalist and blogger - Claire Savage. MGMPR_6823 (2)

Claire Savage is a professional copywriter, journalist and author who lives near the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.

Aside from writing, she also enjoys baking, going to theatrical productions (and anything cultural or literary-related), as well as playing the violin and reading as many books as she can.

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Live It Experience It journalist and blogger, Claire Savage

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Claire Savage

About Claire Savage

Claire is a lover of the written word so blogging, journalism and writing books and prose comes so naturally to her. She lives on our stunning North Coast so she's lucky to have the playground she does. Things she enjoys includes playing the violin and walking with her beautiful cocker spaniel around the north coast. She has also recently taken up ballet, tap dancing and juggling. She also loves vintage boutiques, books, baking and unexpected encounters.