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By ELEANOR MCGILLIE 22 November, 2018

Tomorrow night a group of people will venture out under the moonlight to go on a Far & Wild’s amazing Moonlight Kayaking Tour. You too can be a part of this memorable adventure. Eleanor McGillie chats with Lorcan McBride about this amazing experience which takes you out into the wilderness

Moonlight kayaking tours is maybe something you’d never thought of doing but the team at Far & Wild have been taking people out on the water and under the moon for some time now as these tours are becoming more and more popular with people enjoying the peace and tranquility this humble experience offers.

The Moonlight Kayaking Tours, which happen on or around the full moon, takes visitors on a journey down the Foyle Estuary or around the surrounding coastlines and river systems enabling you to experience nature at its most still time.

This is an absolutely amazing experience and what an opportunity to see city, coast and countryside all at once under the glare of the full moon.

Lorcan McBride, of Far and Wild adventure said: “Tomorrow night we will be meeting is Foyle Marina in Derry at 6pm. There are still places left so if you are feeling adventurous come and join us. People who have come with us before have absolutely loved the moonlight kayaking tours as many have ended up being really lucky to see meteor showers while taking in the beauty of the sky above them. These tours are totally amazing  and are suitable for people whether you’ve had experience kayaking or not.

“It is not uncommon during a moonlight kayak tour to get a clear view of the star-lit sky. At certain times of the year we will run our moonlight kayak tour during a meteor shower and the display can be absolutely stunning.

moonlight kayaking tours with far & Wild - a Live It Experience It member

“We do a range of Moonlight kayaking trips which take you a journey down the Foyle Estuary or surrounding coastlines and river systems, to experience nature at its most quiet.

“Animals tend to forage at night-time and a moonlit paddle is the ideal time to catch those animals, that usually sleep when we sleep, out and about on their daily business. We use accessible but dramatic locations for our moonlight paddles, such as under the Peace Bridge in Derry, around Magilligan Fort and the Roe River under Binevenagh Mountain.

“Moonlight Kayaking is a wonderful experience and it truly is a fantastic way to see your city or countryside in a completely new light as such. A moonlight Kayaking experience may be based in your city or in local countryside – it reveals a different and exciting side to nature.”

The Far & Wild Moonlight Kayaking Tours are led by experienced kayak guides. Your amazing journey will start at twilight and usually get the last of the sunset on the horizon. Not long afterwards you will watch the moon-rise from the comfort of your two person kayak while floating on the water in the tranquility of the night.

Lorcan added: “A simple knowledge of the night sky in the northern hemisphere can provide clues to navigation and orienting yourself in the countryside at night. There are a number of dark sky locations in the North West of Ireland where it is ideal to view celestial activity from the seat of a kayak gently floating on the water.”

So, paddles at the ready. To book your place on this amazing tour simply click Far & Wild Booking and then meet the team at Foyle Marina.

The moonlight kayaking tour is best suited for adults or adults with children over 12 years of age.


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