NW200 partner with Live It Experience It ahead of Ireland’s largest outdoor event


Live It Experience It is partnering again with the NW200 which will open up lots of opportunities for tourism businesses right across our region. Have a read to find out why your business should get involved.


The NW200 organisers have announced they are to partner with Live It Experience It as a tourism partner for the second year in a row.

Fergus Mackay, the event operations manager, joined Eleanor McGillie of Live It Experience It and Mark Rodgers of Dalriada Kingdom Tours, to make the announcement at ‘Meet The NW200′ which was held in Cookstown in front of an audience of accommodation and activity providers and food and drink establishments.

The race attracted 185,000 spectator admissions across race week in 2017, created 69,744 commercial bed nights on the Causeway coast and the overall economic impact for the Causeway Coast region last year was £12.3million.

Speaking at Cookstown’s Burnavon Arts and Cultural Centre, Fergus Mackay said: “Last year we partnered with Live It Experience It – a tourism community which tells the story of Northern Ireland through its members’ offerings and we are partnering again this year.

“We want our spectators to know what there is to do while they are visiting Northern Ireland and we also want as many tourism businesses as possible to benefit from the huge numbers which flock here every May.

“The NW200 is held on the North Coast but it benefits businesses right across Northern Ireland so we want to work through Live It Experience It with its members to spread the word of what’s available here.

Fergus Mackay, Mark Rodgers, Eleanor McGillie and Ray Boal. Picture by Richard Trainor

“Twenty per cent of our visitors come from overseas and overall the event in 2017 created 69,744 commercial bed nights on the Causeway coast. The overall economic impact for the Causeway Coast region last year was £12.3million.

“But the economic impact is much wider. These visitors need places to stay, places to eat and drink and of course they like to have fun while they are here.”

Eleanor McGillie, director of Live It Experience It, said:  “The International NW200 is the largest outdoor sporting experience in Ireland so it’s important we work collaboratively to tell the story of Northern Ireland’s offering through our members.

“Tourism is on the rise. Latest government figures show visitor numbers to Northern Ireland are now spending £2.7 million a day.

“Throughout the year, we work with tourism businesses to help them tell their story with a view of helping them boost their own visitor numbers. Partnering with the NW200 gives us a huge platform to share those stories.”

Mark Rodgers and Ray Boal of Dalriada Kingdom Tours talking with Fergus Mackay at the Meet The NW200 event hosted by Live It Experience It

Mark Rodgers of Dalriada Kingdom Tours, a guided tour company based on the North Coast, spoke at the event.

He said: “I started off with two people on my very first tour, and through my Live It Experience It membership, I now attract coach loads of people, we work with Northern Ireland’s top hotels, I guide for visitors coming off cruise ships, we now employ several local guides and we have been able to extend our tour portfolio to include Dunluce Castle, Rathlin Island, the Cliff Paths and The Giants Causeway.

“To be able to collaborate with the NW200 is a phenomenal opportunity and we welcome other businesses on this journey with us.”

The NW200 takes place this year from May 13 to May 19. All of our news will be shared on our Live It Experience It Facebook Page


Live It Experience It’ is a group of journalists and travel writers who tell the story of our members. We work  collaboratively with our members, which are tourism businesses, to promote Northern Ireland through water, air and land based activities, food and drink and great places to stay. Together we let our visitors know of all of the amazing things Northern Ireland has to offer.  To become a member business in of ‘Live It Experience It’ call our office on 028 3756 8436 or please submit your information through our online form. T&Cs apply –  Sign Up Here Let us tell your story! Live It Experience It is the NW200 tourism partner for 2018.

NW200 partner with Live It Experience It for 2018 - Ireland's biggest outdoor event




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