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By ELEANOR MCGILLIE 11 October, 2018

One aspect of Live It Experience It is working with our members to help them tell their story, watch them grow and be proud of their achievements as more and more people visit Northern Ireland.  Our community is full of business people doing amazing things. One such person is Mark Rodgers, who every day, continues to prove himself to be a great ambassador for all. Let’s remind ourselves why. 

Dalriada Kingdom Tours is run by husband and wife team Mark Rodgers and Rosemary (nee Purdy) and they want to bring you on a journey of the North Coast like no other.

The Purdys are from Lisnagunagh and are known locally as the family from the Spanish ship. Some members of the family have traced the family lineage back to survivors of the Spanish Armada ship, the Girona, which sank on the Causeway on October 26, 1588.

The family also has an association with the Causeway that goes back 125 years. In that time family members have been kelp harvesters, fish mongers, they have ridden in ponies and traps and they have also been guides.

So Mark and his wife decided to share their knowledge of this phenomenal history by creating unique walking tours.

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The very name, Dalriada Kingdom Tours, makes reference to the fact that in the 5th and 6th centuries this part of North East Ulster, the islands in between and the Western parts of Scotland around Argyllshire and Lochaber, formed the old Kingdom of Dalriada. This kingdom was hugely influential in our history and origins of Christianity can be traced back to that period of time on our island. Mark’s strong Christian faith shapes and forms him and so he uses this name for his company in recognition that “our future is anchored in our past”.

And so with all of this knowledge, pride of place, sense of belonging and living a present and future so anchored in our past, Mark has created a range of tours which will give visitors an insight to our coast which is so enlightening and fascinating.

The Giants Causeway guided tour showcases Mark’s unique insight into a way of life.  It’s this knowledge which has made Rosemary and himself proud to be Causeway people. They have a real sense of self worth and pride of place from knowing that they continue to shape and form the Causeway as much as it has shaped and formed them.

The Dunluce Castle guided tour too is really something else. This iconic castle sits majestically on the cliff edge. You will not find another tour company giving this unique tour. To get that authentic story of this landmark castle book this wonderful tour online with Dalriada Kingdom Tours.

And of course just a boat ride away, Mark will take you on a guided tour of Rathlin Island where puffins, fauna, flora and banshees are all said to co-exist.  Rathlin was at the heart of Dalriada and visitors deserve to hear its story told in the same uncompromising and undiluted fashion embracing everything good about the Island and its people.

Becoming more and more popular too are the shore excursions for people arriving on cruise ships or taking part in private tours. Dalriada Kingdom Tours also offers bespoke Giants Causeway Coastal Route tours.

Our landscapes here in Northern Ireland are so majestic, our skies are dramatic and our coastline is rugged. Combine that with authentic storytelling and you have a wonderful experience right there. Enjoy your walking tours with Dalriada Kingdom Tours and their team of professional guides.

Mark Rodgers of Dalriada Kingdom Tours leading a walk at the Giant's Causeway

Dalriada Kingdom Tours is the only company to wear the World famous Giants Causeway and Causeway Tartans . These tartans were designed by Martin Balmer from Tweedy Acheson in Coleraine.

This fantastic tour guiding company has expanded greatly since its formation. Have a read and find out where this company, which started purely out of love for a great man, and the passion for our place, has developed so much, it’s now the go to tour guiding company for leading tourism organisations.

Have a read about the growth and development of the much loved Dalriada Kingdom Tours

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